Socialist feminists -- then and now

"Socialist feminists are undercelebrated but crucial actors in Canada's radical history and present. Take Manitoba: A century after Edith Hancox emerged from the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike to organize impoverished women and the unemployed, socialist feminists are still working for revolution. Edith’s resistance of sexism and harassment within 1920s labour circles is echoed by Basia Sokal’s recent protest resignation as president of the Winnipeg Labour Council. The 2019 election of Winnipeg Centre NDP MP Leah Gazan, an Idle No More activist and avowed Indigenous socialist feminist, furthers Edith’s commitment to an expansive and inclusive revolutionary movement. Despite constraints, set-backs, and generational differences, the fight waged by Hancox and allies against a racist capitalist patriarchy is as robust as ever.


The upcoming article by David Thompson in Labour/le Travail: “‘More Sugar, Less Salt:’ Edith Hancox and the Passionate Mobilization of the Dispossessed, 1919-1928,” offers critical insight and inspiration for those who occupy the front lines of this battle